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Re: 5kcs exh. man. studs

 -=> Quoting Paul R Anderson <=-

 PRA> Is it common for these studs to pull apart when tightening?  Should
 PRA> I replace all of them now while I have the manifold off for
 PRA> extraction? 

      ALWAYS change studs/bolts/nuts like these, especially
      on exhaust parts.  Use new copper nuts with what looks
      like a washer built in. Wurth sells these, along
      with the original style studs. Change all the
      hardware you can while you're there, will make
      things alot easier if you have to pull something
      else later on. A good source for hardware is
      Bel-Metric (1-800-544-1624). They also carry
      the odd-ball metric size helicoils, but that's
      fodder for another thread.


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