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NEW QLIST WEB - suggestions

Mein Herren und Damen (did i spell that correctly?) - 

Ancient Chinese proverb,  many man smoke, but foo man chew.
That's Greek for, puts your money where your content is.

There is a ton of info in the archives and in the "list collective" (hey
a borgism) . . . but it's the archives or trapped somewhere.  IMHO,
Listmeister Dan is looking for content that, with little effort 
(read NO FRAMES, Jscript or other propriety HTML), can be hosted by the
site.  Remember, HTML has no real adhered-to standard and we have many
listers that don't need to see a multitude of "199K reads",  "starting
Java" and other such bin mumbo jumbo that leads to a less than rewarding

I propose, in conjunction with the NE Fall Foliage tour, that every list
member meet at my favorite pub (Patrick's in Little Neck, NY) for a
brain storming session on content as a first priority, then design. 
That's provided we can find a sponsor that's willing to fly all you
out-of-towners in :-) I'll buy the first round (subject to all attendees
signing a full nondisclosure agreement as to where the drinks came
from). NOTE - The treasurer disavows any knowledge of the previous

In following this thread, I've started to create tires/wheels content
(text w/informational pics) with a download spreadsheet for tire size
comparisons (my humble $0.02 to the effort).  And am willing to contact
manufacturers to get them to advert/support/provide info for the latest
and greatest site.

The point is, we all have information, what we need is a way to make it
easily accessible to the list while Dan can still keep his "paying" day
job and NOT worry about maintenance.  REMEMBER - KISS.

MH02, (Ispeak for My Humble $0.02)
MJ Murphy

UNIX is user-friedly . . . it's just selective about who its friends
are. - Rabin Ezra