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Re: Oil (again)

Douglas Frank USG wrote:
> Say, what's all this "Service SJ" stuff anyway? <snip>
> Looking on the back, all the synthetics say "for service SJ"
> (or  "SJ/CF").  Many of the labels claim equivalence to other codes,
> (usually SH)-- but NONE claims to be a replacement for either SF or 
> SG.
> The trouble is, my owner's manual says to use service SF or SG oil.  > What the heck do these codes mean anyway?  Is there a system to them? > Would SJ include everything from SA to SI?
Of course there's a system - API is chock-a-block full of engineers.
Not being one, I have to read the damn lub books each time I buy oil.
Well I found this site that explains API ratings.  Have fun.


MJ Murphy