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Re: 93-97 100q/A6q questions

Hairy green toads from Mars made George & Maria say:

> Saw your reply to Osman's question. My question is, what's a flare when
> the 3-4 shift is occurring? I have 95 A6Q with 92k miles on it and the
> only thing that I notice is that it sometimes seems to have a hard time
> deciding when to kick down when accelerating hard.

A flare is when it sort of selects "neutral" for a bit, and the engine
revs up. Sometimes it only revs 100 RPM or so, but sometimes it revs
almost to redline, and then BANGS into 4th with enough force to shake
the car. Bad mojo.

My car has NO trouble at all deciding to kick down. Just the opposite,
in fact, it kicks down at the drop of a hat, and sometimes spends
many seconds trying to decide *which* gear to kick down into.

I find this very poor behaviour for a tranny on such an expensive car.
After all, this isn't a Geo Metro....


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