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Hairy green toads from Mars made Clough, Sam say:

> Ok, I know this seems like a very dumb question and I'm almost embarrassed
> to ask, but, hey, I need to know.  I'm trying to replace the fuel filter on
> a 95 A6 Quattro.  I have the fuel filter from the dealer.  It almost looks
> like the fuel filter is in the engine compartment (standing at the grill on
> the left hand side next to the strut), but this unit, which looks otherwise
> identical to my replacement, has a strap welded to the back which is then
> attached to the engine compartment.  If this is the fuel filter, my
> replacement unit has no such strap and so would be semi-loose in the engine
> compartment.  As always, any help is appreciated in advance.

That's it. The strap stays with the car (comes off the old filter,
the new filter slides in).

BTW, you WILL get fuel spray when you loosen the fittings. Be ready
for it. Several ounces may well come out in a spray.

> P.S.  Where do other enthusiasts buy Audi parts?  I've bought my Porsche
> parts from Vertex and others, but I don't believe they stock Audi parts.

There are various mailorder vendors listed on Dans web page. I also
use Northern Foreign Auto (a local place in Nashua).


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