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Re: Fool pump failing?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Phil Payne say:

> Climbed into the ur-quattro this evening for a quick jaunt down to
> London.  Got 30 miles into the trip, and the car started bucking like
> a Texas steer every time I used the loud pedal.  I could _just_ (on a
> flat, level motorway) reach 70mph - any attempt to go faster resulted
> in me going slower.
> The fool pump has been alternately buzzing loudly and silent.  When I
> pulled up at some lights on the way home, I could feel the vibrations
> on the handbrake handle.
> I suspect a strongly dying pump - demise imminent.  I've never had one
> fail gradually before - is this how it happens?

6 months ago I would have denied that fuel pumps can fail this way,
but that is EXACTLY what my 100Q did this summer. A new pump cured it.
BTW, I could only just get to 10 MPH with mine :-)


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