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4ksq for sale as parts car

Dear fellow Audi fans,

I regret to re-suscribe to the list just to sell my beloved '85 4ksq,
but the City of San Diego and a drunk driver have forced me to sell it,
and only as a parts car at that.

A drunken idiot bashed in the rear end. The police, a City of SD branch
never showed up, even though mine was not the only car damaged, yet
the City is very quick to demand $350 in parking citations. Cute, isn't
it? they take our money but have nothing to show for it.

Given the 'accident' damage to the trunk and bumper, and driver's seat
(I was a bit disconcerted by the way the upper half of my seat's back
broke during the collision: is that common with Audi seats? this had
no consequence for me, though), I would have to sell my 4ksq very
cheap, and the sadly deteriorated paint together with dents and
vandalized door handles (where's the darn police, again) and
non-working front windows (all of which would have been worthwhile
fixing _before_ the accident and the tickets) the car would become
dirt cheap. If I were to sell it now as a driveable car, I would
have to pay the tickets; therefore, either I get almost nothing
for the car or sell it for way more than it is worth.

On the other hand, if I sell it as a parts car all I have to pay
the DMV is $10. This way then, I can get a decent price for both
the buyer and me. In addition the buyer gets a very good parts
car - excellent motor, tranny, differentials, joints, brakes (new
rear), driveshaft, KE jetronic, etc. To top all this goodness the
^%$^%&^%*@! City of SD gets what it deserves: nothing!

Thus, I am asking $600 as a complete car for parts.
I am willing to negotiate. I already have an offer, but I think
I can do better with the qlist and give my car a better end, too,
than selling it to an unappreciating junk yard who will overcharge
fellow Audians for its parts.

Oh yes, the car has about 170,000 miles although the odometer died
at about 150,000.

If you are interested, please email me directly at


TIA and until my next quattro,

Luis Patino
'85 4ksq, still running strong