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Re: Removeable transoms

> Good point.  I like that idea.

Before you get too excited, understand that you'll have to import these parts 
from somewhere in europe and if you aren't lucky enough to find used ones, 
you'll have to purchase them from a dealer ... ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching!
>  Now I'm wondering how stock you can get a 4kstq to be, using factory 
>  MB ur-q parts.

I believe the Ur-Q's nose panel is different than that of the 4kq and you'll 
also need the brackets to mount the IC behind the valence, etc.  It's my 
impression that it will take more than just bolting on parts to duplicate the 
engine compartment of an Ur-Q ... and if you want to duplicate a 20v Ur-Q, 
it'll take bodywork as well since it used different sheetmetal in a couple of 

Mind you, I'm sure that with a little work and some competent fabrication, 
you could make it look like it was an OEM conversion even if it's not ... all 
it takes is time, money and talent.  :^)