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BO parts


I think right now one of the worst jobs to have is working in any Audi/VW
parts dept in the world.  You just can't do your job.  Hard to supply parts
you can't get don't you think.

I work at a dealer in the service dept.  The number of parts that are now
on BO is huge and adsurd.  

How'd you like to be the owner of a new A6/4/8 and be told that the brake
pads are back ordered.  The remote mirror knobs everyone breaks off are
BO'd.  The side marker lights all the vandals steal are BO'd.   The
headlight washer caps that fall/fly off are BO'd.  

A6 owners are running out of gas 'cause the 3! fuel senders suck.  New ones
are no better even if you do get any.

New beetle power window regs are junk and replacements are BO'd.  How about
spark plugs for some new cars.  BO'd!

We've been told by Audi/VW that we can get and use good aftermarket (get
Bosch or whatever) from an outside vendor if we must. And we have.

Just friday Andrew Moffat from Camra Motorsports brought by 3 sets of
Mintex pads for A4s so we can do brake jobs.

The list goes on and on.   Also no fun is being the guy who has to tell the
owners of new $40k cars that there aren't any parts right now, and that
would be me.

The parts for the recalls ar also unavailable.  We have yet to do the brake
booster vacuum mod for a 2.8.  No parts.  The tie rod ends for ther recalls
are often BO'd

The TT recall is gonna really suck.  

So give your parts guy a little slack.  No one person in the US is any
better at getting what isn't here than another.  There just aren't any