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Re: Audi's CVT

Just read about Nissan's CVT which is going to be the first CVT in a 
production unit in a passenger car. It won't be coming to the US or anywhere
else though, its going to be in the Japan only Luxury model the Nissan 
Cedric. Comes as an option costing $2.5K. Again the benefits, fast acceleration, 
smooth power, and 10% better fuel economy. Meanwhile the BMW X5 got a bad 
review on its offroad handling when it almost got bogged down in muddy 
terrain while on an off-road course. Also lacking was the speed thats in its 
sedans. The TT gets a negative review for its handling characteristics 
(tested against Miata MX5, Honda S2000, M coupe, 911 Carrera 4).
Tire slip accounted for speed loss, the shifter occasionally jammed in 2nd 
on the race track but it wins in the design areas that so much so that it
compensates for "what it lacks in fun". Read about this all in next months
Popular Science. Also look out for the BMW Z9 prototype....pretty neat I

Mike Theuri

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From: "Tom Nas" <tnas@euronet.nl>

Read the article in AutoBild magazine (Germany) yesterday, they're
apparently pretty impressed by Audi's CVT. It's quicker 0-100 than a manual
gearbox, and very smooth. Out with the Tip they say, and they reckon it'll
be standard equipment in a couple of years.