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re:personal Intro - 90c20v

On March 7 Rob Mundo wrote:

<From: Robert Mundo <74237.1355@compuserve.com>
<On March 7 Rob Mundo wrote:Date: 07 Mar 95 12:40:27 EST
<Subject: Personal Intro.- 90QC20V

<Hello to all!  I am introducing myself as a mediator for a good friend 
<of mine who owns a 90 Quattro Coupe 20V.  His Q is Red, 5-spd, 35k 
<miles,and sunroof.

< We are curious if anyone has the production numbers of 1990 and 1991 
<Audi Quattro Coupes that were imported into the States.

< Also, one of his only cripes is the lack of low-end torque from his 
<20V.  He doesn't get any "real" power until bringing the RPM's to 3k.  
<What kind of modifications (realistically speaking, of course) can be 
<made to improve the mbottom-end torque? 

<Please feel free to send me any misc. tid bits on this rare auto.



Rob, as a fellow coupe Q owner, I share your friends wanting for more 
low end torque.

However, there does not seem to be an easy (read low $$$) way of 
massaging the non-turbo audi 5 cylinder motors. The best way to improve 
the motor's performance is to improve it's breathing.  

1.) You could replace the stock paper air filter with a K&N permanent 
filter, which should increase airflow, but the downside is that with 
increased airflow, more particulate matter may get into your motor- 
Basically there are two points of view, previously discussed at length 
on the list. Personally, my Coupe Q came with one, so I can't tell 
whether its made a difference. I your friend does decide to get one, to 
be safe he should change his oil on a regular basis, and clean the K&N 
and re-oil it on a regular basis (I think K&N recommends every 50 K 
miles, but if your're in a dusty environment...)

2.) You could replace the the camshafts to lower the torque peak.  From 
my experience, most sport cams tend to raise the torque and horsepower 
peaks instead of lowering them. I don't know whether any manufacturers 
actually make an audi cam which will lower the peak.

3.)  You could upgrade the exhaust.  However the Coupe Q seems to have a 
pretty good exhaust from the factory-and it's stainless.  Its going to 
be expensive to find a replacement for.  I would recommend against 
replacing the cat with a test pipe or using a euro-header sans cat - 
emissions testing is getting to strict and the gains probably wouldn't 
justify the means.

4.)  If you want to spend some $$$- pull the head and have some bench 
flow work (polishing) done. Better yet, pull the head, intake and 
exhaust manifolds, and and have them "Extrude-honed?" which will polish 
and match the ports.

5.) Find an after market turbo. Good luck!

6.) Replace the motor with a 20V turbo motor from a 200. It can be done, 
but its big $$$. But boy, what performance, especially if you upgrade 
the turbo system. 

7.) Sell the Coupe and buy a 5000 CS quattro turbo, Ur-Quattro, or 200, 
upgrade the motor-see the list about "IA" - Ned Ritchie's Company's 

8.)  Keep the stock motor in tune and change your driving habits.

Remember the old saying, which goes something like..."How fast do you 
want to go? ...How much money do you have?

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro 71K miles.

PS- to the list. European Car has done articles and has many ads on the 
airbox upgrade kits for VWs. Basically, they completely replace the 
airbox and the restrictive plumbing with a conically-shaped K&N filter 
and some brackets.  Can this system be adapted to audis?- It would be 
nice to not remove the #$%#%^$^&%^%Headlight just to clean the