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Re: High Idle problems

> I think you are right on with the stabilizer valve. A good way to quickly
> test it is too disconnect the power connector to it when it is warm. The
> idle should drop quite a bit. If it does, that is the problem. If it
> doesnt, check to see if the internal valve is stuck in a position. You
> should be able to put your finger in it and turn it back and forth.
> Bob
>-- End of excerpt from Bob D'Amato

Should the valve move (close) when the plug is pulled?  How about when I turn
off the car?  When the car is warm, and running correctly, this valve should be
CLOSED, correct?  So, if this valve is what is screwed up in mine (hers,
whatever), the thing is never closing?  Just hanging open all the time?  If I
yank the plug at 1,800 RPM's, should this close the valve automatically,
causing a change in RPM's?  I just don't understand why the absence of power
would cause the valve to close, sorry.  From what I think you are saying, if
the idle drops when I yank out the plug, then the computer is sending incorrect
signals.  If the RPM's do not drop, then the valve itself is stuck open,
meaning that if it indeed is the stabilizer cylindar that is bad, the RPM's
should drop when I pinch off the hoses going to it.  Are my guesses correct, or
way off base?  This help is wonderful, I may get this thing fixed yet!

87 5000CS TQ