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Re: High Idle problems

> > When the engine is cold you should be able to disconnect the hoses and act-
> > engine is warm ... if so the RPMS would drop immediately after pinching off
> > the hose.
> >
> Steven, is this AAR as you are calling it the same thing others are calling the
> idle stabilizer valve?  Or is it what others are calling the warm up valve?
>  I'm sorry for the ignorance, but you introduced a new part into my Audi
> vocabulary, and I don't know where to find it!!!  Once I do, I'll sure check it
> out...

If your '84 has an Idle Stabilizer valve it will not have an Auxiliary Air Reg-
ulator.  Since the purpose of the AAR is to bypass air around the throttle body 
you will find it located near the TB.  I believe that the one on the Fox actually 
had the outlet connected directly to the intake manifold.  In any event it really 
doesn't matter if you have an ISV or an AAR, the same test will work.  Pinch off 
one of the air lines to the thing and see if the idle doesn't slow down.  You may
find that completely pinching off the air supply if you have an ISV will cause
the engine to stall ... that would be OK.  If you can significantly reduce the 
idle speed by pinching off the TB bypass source you have found the source of
your problem.  (BTW the '83 TQC has an AAR, while the '88 5kT has an ISV, so you 
could have either on the '84)

> >
> > In response to your other message, if you are truly turning the idle adjust-
> > posed to leak past this screw!
> >
> The screw that I am turning is housed in about a one inch long cylindrical tube
> that protrudes under the accelerator linkage, which is located about a foot and
> a half left of the distributor, and about the same distance from the
> windshield.    The screw is inset about a quarter inch from the end of the
> tube.  Now, I've seen this same looking tube on my TQ, and it is up near the
> left headlight on that.  The tubes look EXACTLY alike, but are located in
> different areas, due I'd guess to the fact that the '87 has a Turbo and the '84
> does not.
> >

Wow!  I can't even guess what it is you're adjusting!  I've never adjusted a screw 
that protrudes from under the throttle linkage.  It's true that I don't have an 
'84, but my '88 and '83 are very similar, and you seem to find an analog on your 
'87.  I saw a message by Robert Houk that had a good description of the situa-
tion ... the screw is located in a small "tube" but it is on top of the TB and 
centered on bot the '83 and '88 turbomotors.  Maybe you can identify it on the 
'87 first and then see if you have something similar on the '84.

> -Mike
> 87 5000CS TQ

Steve Buchholz