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Re: Stalking

> And those lurking, like deer in the night...  will eventually run head to
> head with the professional speeder...  The statistics are definitely not in
> my favour, but hi risk (speed), hi return (grins)...  Stopped my timed speed
> runs to northern mi 9after an average speed (including stops) of 95+ for 4
> hours straight...  Have the utmost respect for the boys in blue, thank
> goodness all my stops have been cordial and lacking cuffs, q oowners after
> all, are the most familiar with the phrase "it only money"...  My theory is
> anyone stopped over a 100 and can post a story, faired exceptionally well...
>   :)...  Not a guy that's proud of what I got away with, and have plenty of
> stories, speed is just one of my addictions in the fun driving equation, I do
> however, keep my toys at 110% of their abilities 100% of the time, spend way
> too much on tires and lights and stealth devices...

Well, my current speed record is 115MPH, in a 1975 Dasher Wagon.
This was recently matched in my 100Q. I've had Angela's 90Q20V
up to about 105+, but it was slightly crippled: Angela was in
it with me :-)

None of these were "officially" clocked.

My highest speed ever noticed by an officer of the law was
102MPH in a (ready for this...) 1980 Rabbit Diesel. I had
that thing up to at least 110 once, as clocked by my brother
and friends on their motorcycles. They could not believe I
made the 100 mile trip in only 5 minutes less than them,
and that was with a stop for gas.

Anyway, I was doing 102 on the Northway, vermont-bound, late
at night, about 12 years ago. The Northway is almost always empty. 
Sure enough, I see the blue lights behind me and pull over.

I have since learned that the correct answer to the question:
"do you know how fast you were going?" is not: "no, sir, my
speedometer only goes up to 85."

It's only money. And a lot of points on my license.


Andrew L. Duane (JOT-7)			duane@zk3.dec.com
Digital Equipment Corporation		(603)-881-1294
110 Spit Brook Road			http://www.zk3.dec.com/~duane
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Nashua, NH    03062-2698

Only my cat shares my opinions, and she can't do 102 falling off a cliff.