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Re[2]: Hide food

> No...Thank you. Hide food for $11.00 !?. Both Audi dealers here in Seattle 
>want $65.00 for a small jar of the stuff! I guess they figure I can use it in 
>place of the jar of vasaline they forgot to sell me with my $8 bottle of 
>touch-up!! Bend over son...This just conferms my feelings that ALL the dealers 
>are a bunch of god$%#!....don't get me started. 

Uh, hello. You want some of this gooey stuff, call Foreign Motors West in 
Natick, MA at (508) 655-5350 and they'll ship you a can or 3 of the stuff for 
$8.33 per, plus shipping.

Just wait until Wednesday to call, so I can swing by and get *my* can :)