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Re: Seeking Advice on New Rear Springs for '86 Coupe GT

On 22 Mar 1995, Glenn Kaufman wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I'm new to the group and have an '86 Coupe GT with only 70K miles on it.  It's 
> been an awesome car - fun and unusually reliable.   However, the suspension has 
> been getting softer and the rear has been sagging.  At 40K miles, I got new 
> Does anyone know of any aftermarket springs which will not lower the car but 
> are a bit stronger than the OEM springs?  I'd also appreciate hearing about 
> anyone's experience who has added new lowering springs (i.e. chg in handling, 
> ride quality, etc.) and  done any suspension modifications.  Thx.   glenn 
 I used the Eibach springs with kyb gas shocks and struts on my 83 coupe 
GT and was really pleased. I live in Cleveland where the roads are VERY 
poor if the suspension is too firm the car gets tossed when a bump is 
encountered mid-corner :( .  The Eibach's  were very close to stock 
over bumps but were firmer when pushed. (like any good progressive 
spring should be.) They do lower the car 1 inch from stock, but since your 
car is already sagging you probably wont notice any difference. On my car 
the rears sagged lower than the front, so the new springs just allowed 
the car to sit evenly. I wouldnt worry about loss of ride quality due to 
lowere springs. I didn't have any trouble, lowering the car just 
decreases suspension travel which would increase the possibility of 
bottoming-out over the BIG bumps, however, this is counteracted by the 
increase in stiffness of the springs. Plus there is a minor positive 
effect of lowering your center of Gravity on body roll and handling in 
general.  If Eibachs worked on the crappy streets of Cleve. then they 
will work wherever you are.  They made my face all smiley :)           
Then I sold the car :(

Rod Wiggins
83 Ur-Quattro