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Seeking Advice on New Rear Springs for '86 Coupe GT

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the group and have an '86 Coupe GT with only 70K miles on it.  It's 
been an awesome car - fun and unusually reliable.   However, the suspension has 
been getting softer and the rear has been sagging.  At 40K miles, I got new 
Boge shocks at Eurotire hoping to restore the car to its original firm ride.  
To my dismay, the ride with the new shocks was softer than the original ride 
(Boges are supposed to be the OEM shock) but still a bit firmer than the ride 
with the worn shocks.   However, Eurotire was not accommodating to make a 
change for me.  Next time, I'd put in Konis.  Unfortunately, the original 
springs on the car have not been the best.  I noticed the rear starting to sink 
after about 1 year.  

Here's my problem.  I'd like to replace the rear springs ideally without 
lowering the car because I wish to preserve the ride quality.  I checked with 
my Audi dealer, and they said that the rear springs haven't changed one bit 
since '81.  I can't see spending top dollar for springs which aren't good in 
the first place. 

Does anyone know of any aftermarket springs which will not lower the car but 
are a bit stronger than the OEM springs?  I'd also appreciate hearing about 
anyone's experience who has added new lowering springs (i.e. chg in handling, 
ride quality, etc.) and  done any suspension modifications.  Thx.   glenn