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Yoko Avs

Thanks for your reply on the springs.  It wasn't clear to me whether you just 
put them on the rear or also in the front.  Is it wise for me to just put a 
lowering pair on the rear?  Pls. let me know where you purchased your springs 
and shocks.  

Re: the Yoko AVS, I recall reading a European report that the regular AVS are 
very noisy.  I happen to have the AVS U+4 (unidirectional) 195/60 HR 14s on my 
Coupe GT.  They are excellent in the wet and not as good in the dry.  Steering 
is excellent.  Their snow performance is good enough.  They are a quiet but 
hard riding tire.  

Hope this helps.  glenn

Rod L. Wiggins wrote: 

 Greetings all-
   I know we've covered this tire thing somewhat extensively,, But does 
anyone have any experience with the Yoko Avs "intermediate" tires. How 
are they in the wet verses in the dry? This would be a non-quattro 
application so Id' be willing to give up some dry traction for improved 
wet traction. Plus the weather here in Cleveland seems to provide much 
more wet than dry...
  Thanks in advance.
Rod Wiggins.

Ive seen several people give their car history so I'll give it a shot...
 TR7s (3). > VW Scirocco S > Alpha 2000GTV > Porche 914s (2) > Audi Coupe 
Gt > Ur-quattro (1.5)    plus a wide assortment of winter beaters and failed 
project cars..