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Re: 5K:cooling fan-stages

On Mar 24,  4:58pm, Murari Srinivasan wrote:
> After a hard run, as
> i head to the parking lot and creep in, the fan
> sometimes goes on, but goes OFF as soon as i switch
> off the ignition.
> Also, i've never heard what is being referred
> to as "stage 3" (The DC10/Husqy stage :).
I'll second these questions.  My (her, whatever) 84 5000S has never done any
stage other than what I've heard discussed as Stage II, and NEVER has run after
the ignition was turned off.  And the car has been driven REALLY hot before,
because the radiator has a leak and runs out of coolant occasionally (why can't
women remember to check these things?) which significantly raises the needle on
the dash gauge.

87 5000CS TQ