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Re: Oil light intermittent after 1,300 mile drive.

YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary.  Good luck on your oil change!  Umm, not to rain
on your parade, but white smoke in the exhaust "to me" means bad rings.  I have
a Scout with a Chevy small block, and when I first saw white smoke I did a
compression test.  I had around 110 on 7 cylinders, 18 on the 8th.  That block
is now an ancor on a friends boat.  Compression tests are easy to do, I'd
suggest you do one of these if you have both low oil pressure and white smoke.
 I bought the screw-in type, but they do make el-cheapo types that have a
rubber end you just stuff in the spark plug hole.  Make sure you disconnect the
coil wire before doing this!  Test all five cylinders by pulling one spark plug
at a time, then replacing them when they are done.  I don't know the proper
compression for an Audi (anyone else on here help please!), but I do know all
cylindars (no matter how many you have!) are supposed to be the same.  Of
course, YMMV.

87 5000CS TQ