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ABS / Motronic (sp?)

> I did notice that if you lock up your brakes to the point where the ABS 
> kicks in, it will REALLY light up your radar detector!!! (havent tried it 
> with the quattro, but the old IROC did!)

Speaking of ABS, has anyone notices the sudden electrical power loss when 
the ABS kicks in? When mine kicks in, the headlights lose about 50% of 
their brightness, and everything dims.. Why does it do this?
(BTW- I use ABS a LOT in the winter on the ice, many times just for kicks 
when no one is around. Or turn ABS off and slide around...anyway.)

Another thing I was wondering about was the 'Motronic' engine system. I 
read in the archive about how it adjusts to your driving style, but I was 
still curious as to WHAT it does...? Does it adjust timing more 
agressivly the faster you accelerate? If you drive on the highway does it 
try to give you better fuel economy? Does it just say ' hey. this guy 
drives fast. cool.'? What's the deal.? I am mostly interested in the 
20vI5, but if you have experiance with others go ahead and tell me. I 
assume my '90 100 Q (I520v) has the motronic dealy, but am not sure.

thanks...lates...all dat..

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