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Re: 4 wheelin'

That 325 may not be designed as simply as the audi, but I assure you that BMW
did their homework on that car.......  And ride height and roll centers are
not necessarily a hand in hand argument....  The roll centers of that lovely
multilink rear suspension on the audi is high enough to ride on the trunk
rack of the 325 (ok sounded good, almost tho)....  Drove one (b4 the 5ktq)
and hard; the 325 will out handle a stock 5ktq and puts the 4ktq (a more
realistic and targeted aim) squarely on the eye.....  The front transaxle
design might give the engineering to the audi, but there are lots of fwd cars
rolling with the same "sump drive" setup.....  If audi started with that 6 as
the baseline we'd all have torque and hp instead of a little of one and alot
of t'other....  i will be the guy to compliment the bmw boys on their foray
to the AWD, too bad that's not their market, and they realized it, and turned
to making RWD work so well that AWD is a toy with limited advantage.....
 Based on the prices of the 325ix I've seen it is a very worthy 4dr for the
money in the used car market....

some common pennies