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wiring upgrades for headlights 87 4KS

Well, I just crawled out from under the car, where I spent my holiday 
upgrading the so-so wiring on my Hella driving lights.

I upgraded the wires supplied with the kit to a full 12ga. wiring harness 
for the lights, relayed to the high-beam circuit.  I ran a positive feed 
from the battery, fused of course, to the relay, and then used a 
high-beam wire to switch the relay.  It works well, and probably will put 
out more light with the better wires.  If anyone wants the gory details, 
e-mail me direct.

Now, on to the question part.  I want to do the same to the headlights, 
as I have heard bad things about the factory wiring.  Someone said that 
the this type of upgrade will improve the lighting of the factory lights.

Since the headlights are all individually fused through the block, I am 
assuming that I would need four relays to do the job right.  How should I 
do this?  Should I run four feeds from the battery and switch the relays 
through the original wiring, or do something else.  I'm not really loving 
the thought of doing this, but feel that it would be a good idea.

STEADIRIC, didn't you have your headlights done this way when I saw it at 
Grattan?  I thought you had four relays.  How did you do it?


Robert Phillips
The University of Akron Sociology Department-------Akron, Ohio
1987 Audi 4000S, 1.8L 4-cyl, FWD----------SOLO II  H-Stock