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90 20V Chips....hmmmm

 I talk with Ned (IA) a while back and he felt that the chips available for the
90 20V are a waste of $$$$....Ned? any comment? I trust his word over any "Chip
Salesman" any day. But, also talked to someone on the list who installed one in
his CQ (for about $250) and felt it was worth the investment(forgot the
name)...better throttle response, etc.....so, go figure.
 If possible, lets get all us 90 20V owners togather and see about making some
kind of "Bulk" purchase. Sounds like a fair amount of people are interested so
should be worth the effort. What ya'think? yes? no? ????

90 90CQ 36K
90 FZR1000 

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