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Re: Euro headlights for Syncro?

I followed the suggestion of EC (last year, I believe) and helped a buddy
mount the Hella aux low beam on a Westphallica, and found them to be
fantastic at a fraction of the euro ligt cost.....  Regarding the 9004 hi
watt, if you take the argument that the lens suck on US headlights (and they
do in a major way), all you are doing with the higher wattage is
exponentially increasing the basics of the argument.....  If you ran 55/150
on a rice burner, I will assure you that you had resistance enough when you
went to hi beam that the wires would have been hot.....  I did a set of euro
lights on a CRX, and the 18-20 guage wire to the lights was a joke......  Get
the hellas, to properly aim them is not a constant endeavor, certainly no
more than the lites you have on the car, and less than putting 9004 in your
current lenses, unless you haul drywall for a living.....  At the time we
cked the eurolites were 750+/set for just about any VW product......  You can
buy a lot of good lighting for that and hire someone to aim them for you a
few times with the pocket money you'll have (hella low beam was about 150 +
wire - that's 10/12 guage) leftover....  NJT