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Re: ESPN, Stuck, and Lotus

In a message dated 95-10-03 12:30:25 EDT, you write:

>The Show is one and the same, the full title is "The Secrets of speed; 
>Audi, The Unfair Advantage" The race that you are thinking of was the 
>SCCA Trans-am Race at Mid-Ohio

Ah, that brings back memories...  Stuck at Cleveland that same year.  As
usual, he drove the wheels off the car, pulling off passes and moves no one
else could.  Or would.  Watching him drift the car all the way around turns 7
& 8 lap after lap was magnificent.  And of course, the yodelling at the
Perhaps the best example of the Audi was the Niagra Falls TransAm race.  The
track was stupid, narrow, tight, stupid, and stupid.  Walter Rohrl was
driving and put on a show that can only be described as perfect.  The track
broke up, but he didn't slow.  There were a constant series of yellows for
wrecks, causing the event to finish in twilight.  Rohrl led every lap, but
the coupe de gras was that on the next to last lap, he set the fastest lap of
the race!  On worn tires, in the dark, and with the track littered with
marbles and chunks of asphalt.  Unbelievable!!!  If anyone has a copy of that
race, I'd love to see it.