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O.K. folks, I have a tough one for you. My name is Ben Howell and I 
posted a message a couple of days ago entitled "I NEED MORE!". I got 
quite a few responses from it and I would like to thank everyone for them 
(if there are more ideas out there, keep em' coming). Anyway, I working 
with Autometer right now, to have them make me a five cylinder 
tachometer. They told me this is a relatively simple process, but there's 
a catch (isn't there always?). They need to know how many times the coil 
pulses per revolution of the crankshaft. When I was talking with Matt in 
the technical dept. he said that it is usually half the amount of 
cylinders (i.e. an eight cylinder motor's coil would pulse four times per 
revolution). This simple equation would say to me that a five cylinder 
would pulse 2.5 times per revolution (duh). However, I was talking with 
some of the more reputable shops in my area (Colorado) and someone 
suggested that it might pulse 3 times on one revolution and 2 on the 
next. If anyone knows FOR SURE what the answer is to this question I 
would greatly appreciate it being sent my way. I have to be exact with 
this because I don't want to be stuck with a custom tach. that doesn't 
work with ANY motor! Thanks again, to everyone.

Need answers, Ben
83' TQC
87' 4KCSQ

P.S. Thanks to Mr. D'Amato for introducing me to the phrase "Drive safe, 
Drive fast, Drive a Quattro". That's great, I hope he doesn't mind if I 
use it in future posts.