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Re: Freebee Fun

In a message dated 95-11-13 08:12:49 EST, you write:

>Think if you ckd the archives, this address is easily found......  The
>membership drive on the net is close to advertising, me thinks there are
>than QUITE a few folks who are QCUSA members that recieved the same
>membership drive you did that resisted the above post.....   Credibility on
>this list is worth more than a free membership, don't you think?


Me too!!! I saw this the day that I received my copy and was a bit disturbed
that this happened.  I agree.. bit of a cheap, easy way to earn a free
registration. Almost as if Mike had exclusive rights to recruiting off this
list. (FYI, for those non QCUSA members, the Membership Drive is offering
free registration to a QCUSA event for anyone recruiting 10 new members.)

I'm sure there will be others that will comment re: this one. WE understand
that the REAL way to recruit will be by one-to-one contact with fellow
Audiphiles. And I believe that the QCUSA would prefer it that way too.!!!

The least Mike could have done was state, or at least elude to the fact, that
he would benefit from this. We ask, and expect, of others who have a vested
interest in their "products" to disclose such... and yes, this was a form of
such without disclosure. Honesty and trust is paramount to this group's
success. Remember, we are one big family. And family members shouldn't "hurt"
other family members.

Mike, I'm sure that you will see other messages posted here on this one.
Frankly, I'm surprised that you would not realize that there are many other
QCUSA members here that would be offended. Maybe you figured it was no big
deal, and felt good that you beat us all to the punch? Or maybe you simply
don't care?

Anyhow... I'm sure you've heard enough.

I'm sure no-one truly HATES you for it... just are a bit disappointed in the
underhanded selfishness.

                    Jim Griffin
                     92 100S
      Titanium Grey/Black Leather

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