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V8 Concerns

Hi Everyone:

I acquired a '90 V8 about two months ago bidding temporary (now permanent)
good bye to my 92 Saab 9000CD.  Everyone said how much I would love the V8.
  Were they right!  I've owned a 356B coupe and a '64 Corvair Spyder Conv.
but the V8 brings smiles all the time, especially here in snowy central New
York.  By the way I also have a '91 AWD Grand Caravan and a '83 VW Cabriolet,
among others.

Thanks go  to Eliot Lim for his article on 2-3 shifts.  I'd been told that at
83000 miles the first shift might be this way.  It's good to know that it's
not mileage.

Now my questions.  Is it normal for the brake light to stay on for a minute
or two?  I've been told that it is normal due to the large hydraulic
resevoir, but that hard brake pedal can be a bit troublesome until the light
goes off.  

Secondly, another V8 owner in our area has rear axle hop.  The axle has been
replaced, but the hop came back.  It appears to me to be TORSEN related,
almost like the wrong type of fluid, but I'm told that the fluid is correct.
 Any ideas?


pmw0826@aol.com (Phil Williams)