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Re: Pulley/Timing belt

In a message dated 95-12-01 19:20:59 EST, you write:

>to the shaft, pulling it off and doing it again. I didn't take the
>pulley apart, it came off in one piece. I have gotten some mixed reviews on
>whether to pull this all apart and replace the pulley. I used Loctite and as
>I mentioned, tightened the bolt as hard as I could (I don't have a torque
>wrench that will go as high as 250lbs, so yes I am guessing). You have
>enlightened me that this is an interference engine, so it's probably the
>safe thing to do, but is there any condition that would cause the Crankshaft
>to spin independently of the Camshaft (other than the belt breaking ?)
>Thanks again....

Well, since the A/C draws 5 hp, the alt a couple and the rest prolly 2, all
that start up, esp the AC can put a "load" on the crank pulley, not
necessarily the cam (but eventually it becomes a cam prollum, by definition),
specifically, it can put a big start up load on that crank to pulley
connection, causing a slip, however minute  the first time.....  I would be
happier with loctite all over that thing, however, if you do it right with a
proper pulley (and don't try to separate the pulley from the cam key, getting
it back together could be a prollum on the 5ktq and later, it is decribed as
a single piece in the fiche).....  But to be extra retentive, I would either
have a shop with the proper tool do the torque set or just figgr you learned
one, and replace it with a junk yard part......  I would hardly think that
piece would set you back any major dollars, cuz there aren't many incidents
like the one you described read: there are a lot of them out there......
  You are prolly OK, but I have done an engine swap on a 5ktq, and you are
looking at eating up a 40hr job with two people, and I figgr at least 20 the
second time.....  Hardly worth it for a 50 buck part......  Just thinkin
here.....   and if you ck the archives there is a guy that had the crank belt
pulley slip on him, he caught it early enough, but certainly counts hisself a
lucky fellow......


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