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Article about Audi in 12/29 WSJ...

I just got around to reading yesterday's Wall Street Journal and came across
an interesting article about the "new" Audi on p. A4.  In short, it says the
company has turned itself around financially and hopes to create a new image
for itself that will appeal to younger buyers.  Apparently, the U.S. was the
first beneficiary of this new marketing approach as evidenced by the A4 ads.

It wasn't a particularly in-depth piece but interesting nonetheless.  If you
have a copy of the paper lying around, it's worth reading.  BTW, it said 50%
of the cars they sold here last year were quattros ... since I generally buy
mine after they're 3-4 years old, this should mean I'll have a decent number
of them to choose from in 1998/99!  :^)

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