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Re: vr4

> > the 911's movable whale tail on the non turbo models is also not an 
> > option.. does that tell you anything?
> Gee, wonder why they scrapped the moving "wing" in favor of a huge fixed 
> whale tale in the take-no-prisoners, track bound twin turbo.  Why not 
> stick with the moving one if it's so amazingly functional.  Plus on the 
> Porsche, the tail is as much if not more for cooling the engine as it is 
> for downforce.  Apples to Oranges.

Real estate problem. The twin turbo has two intercoolers (or was it one 
big'un) that protrude from the engine bay -- which leaves no room for 
active wing to close.

> Name me one STREET car engineer who doesn't try just as hard to improve 
> on comfort.

Trying to improve comfort is one thing, but trying to get performance and 
comfort is another. A heavy car is less willing in change of direction 
(e.g. when caused by bumps and potholes) which makes a "comfortable" car 
(the spring rate also counts -- but same story) -- but heavy car is also 
less willing to change in direction when you want it to.

> > yes, i would be really happy if audis were lighter too.  
> What a cop out.  "I would be happy if audis were lighter too."  Lamblast 
> the man and his bro's car, then admit to having the same faults as his.  
> So what you're saying is that Audi's are completely against your 
> philosophy on how sports sedans should be built.  And you drive the most 
> portly example!  Why don't you sell your beast to someone who appreciates 
> it for what it does and go buy one of your beloved RX7's.  Along with 
> [butt-flamer deleted]

Who says Audi makes sport cars? Even the original intention of '80 
quattro Coupe was a grand tourer -- not an attempt at the rallye 
championships which it became successful in. Audi is a luxury car maker 
in every sense of the word "luxury" with BMW and MB.

Eliot's point is that since the Mitsu 3000 VR-4 is often placed among the 
likes of RX-7, Supra turbo, etc. for comparisons, that Mitsu's offering 
misses the point of the more sport-oriented group those cars (RX-7, Supra, 
Z) represented.

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