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Re: Those *&%#! Door Panels

At 11:57 AM 1/7/96, '*Tess*' Teresa A McMillan wrote:
>A few months ago I posted to the digest regarding the fact that I had
>managed to break the locking mechanism on one of my rear doors ('88 80Q)
>and was seeking advice on removal of the door panel.  I never actually
>got around to doing anything because I had another rear door to use, and
>I was spending a lot of time learning how to work on a second car that I
>had just bought.  I did receive some starting advice on removing the
>panel -- where to look for hidden screws and such -- but I let the matter
>rest there.  I tried to find a Bentley manual for my car (Haynes does not
>make one) but was told by the dealer they are out of print,
>indefinitely.  So I still have no diagrams, no text, no information to go by.

Try this place for manuals.

Automotive Bookstore
1830 12th in Seattle
(206) 323-6719

Their ad in the yellow pages reads:

Auto Shop Manuals
Auto,Truck,Motorcycyle,Bike,Boat,Automobilia,Technical,Building Trades
At E Denny Way   WE BUY BOOKS.

I found out about them at a Waldens or some other place like then when I
was looking for my Bentley.  I have never been there, I got my Bentley for
a Christmas present in '94.  They might be worth a call.

>My question:  I've managed to get the door panel off most of the way, but
>where it is getting hung up appears to be in two (possible one?) places:
>at the top, around the depressor-button, which slides in and out of the
>top of the panel, and just under the button.

Try just unscrewing the post, worked for me on my 87 4000CSq.

>Here at this second spot
>there appears to be a motor (I can't see it because the panel is stuck)
>with wiring going up and across to the door side of the panel.  It is
>this harness of wires which is holding the panel to the inside of the door.

You might want to try some more wiggling after you take the post out, I
mean wiggle the door panel, not yourself.  There should be enough wire to
let the panel come off a few inches.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a
socket to undo the wiring from the panel.  Other than that, a few good cuss
words are useful.

Good Luck.

>Tess McMillan
>'88 Audi 80 Quattro
>'87 Alfa Spider Graduate

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