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quattro to the rescue

We got about 2 feet of snow in my area of NY yesterday.  My 
quattro made it out of the driveway (unplowed but partially 
shovelled...ouch my back) with about 1 foot+ of snow.
After hearing on TV that local hospitals needed volunteers with
4 wheel drive vehicles, I called a few local hospitals and the
local PD to offer my services.  I ended up transporting a nurse to
one of the hospitals nearby.

I'm not mentioning this to toot my own horn, but instead to recount
an anecdote - as I pulled up to the nurse's house, she leaned
over and said "oh thanks, but I'm waiting for someone to come
get me in a 4x4" :)  I think she was impressed.

As always, my 84 4000q was remarkable in the snow.  I just wish
it had more ground clearance.  Anyone know of a lift kit for the
4000?  Oh, and where can I get a plow?  Those guys make good money
you know...


| Dan |
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