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More PIAAs

To Vikram,

Cheaper than Auto Palace?  I bet not.  They buy tons of stuff.  That's like
wondering if someone is cheaper than Walmart.

He is at Sander Performance NJ. They are a stocking Warehouse for tons of good
stuff. Eibach, Bilstein, Racing Dynamics etc.  I really doubt they buy as much
as Auto Palace.  But then maybe they sell to Auto Palce but I doubt it. 

Tell you what.  Get a price on PIAAs  #960, the dual fog/driving and I'll
compare when I get a price.  Also what do they want for a set of Hella 550 fogs?
Lets see and compare.  You often can't beat a big place like that.  But I often
like to keep the little guys in business.  Being self employed I ain't rich but
I know we all have to get by.