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Re: I'm upset with Crap and Drivel (tm)

On Fri, 2 Feb 1996, Jeremy R King wrote:

> Once again, they've managed to show just how stupid they really 
> are. 

it's possible that they are smart.  they are just catering to the
dumb, while lining their own pockets handsomely.

> But before I write my letter to them, I'd like to make sure I'm not 
> way off base.

why bother?  they'll just laugh at you....  sometimes they write just
to amuse themselves over the heat they would generate..
> The comparo is between the tame wagons - BMW 525i Touring, Ovlov 850 
> Turbo, and Audi A6 Wagon.

sounds like a valid lineup...

>  Of course, we only 
> lost by one point, and kicked the Bimmer's butt!

don't gloat.  next month or the month after next, you will have some
other bimmer model beating the equivalent audi model.  and yes, the
equivalent v*lv* will finish below these..  if you're lucky they'll
throw in a honda and lexus and have these trounce the europeans
and americans.

just take a huge pile of Crap and Drivels (tm) add up all the numerical
rankings of all the cars they have ever compared and you will have honda
first, and everything else tied for second.  maybe one or two scapegoats
to make them look "objective".

see, we already know how things are going to turn out.  why bother
throwing some more money to find out what has already been established
long ago?  if you want to go on abusing yourself reading Crap and
Drivel (tm) and taking them seriously i'm not going to stop you, but
don't say you were not warned......

no substitute to driving the car yourself and applying *your* biases
to get your *own* conclusions.

i drove the a4q for the first time today.  absolutely wonderful car.
the v6 is certainly different from the first time i drove the 100 V6
in 1992.  even though it's the same on paper... no wonder they are
flying out of the showrooms....  and the interior is as gorgeous as
the outside.  the excitement message in the tv ad campaigns certainly
reflects the character of it...  can't wait for the high powered
versions to show up!