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Re: Someone's upset.

> Just got my Car and Driver (I like eliot's version better) and boy am I 
> pissed.  Once again, they've managed to show just how stupid they really 
> are.  But before I write my letter to them, I'd like to make sure I'm not 
> way off base.

Don't bother to write them -- they'll probably amuse themselves to death. 
Face it, C&D has endless facination with Hondas -- it is the only car 
they will not put down. Just look at how many pages are devoted for every 
Honda mini/gonzo review.

If you're gonna write a letter, don't mention why you're upset (namely, 
those comparison test involving you know what). Just tell them that you 
think they should change their name to Car & Passengers, and site that 
they mention cupholders on every review. Heck, why don't you suggest how 
they think and act just like Consumer Retorts (not my word) and they 
should team up to become Consumers & Passengers (Ooooo! Now THAT"S 

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