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S4 Stealth-izing (was: Rebadging... (I think!))

Hi again everyone,

Sorry for the "bandwidth" usage here, and in previous messages - but you
really have to understand why I'm so *excited*!  (.wav file deleted...)

I will take delivery of a 1993 S4 on Friday, and I would like to make the car
look as a "normal" 100 series sedan...Here are a few of my potential plans:

- Taping up the "S4" badge and the "quattro" badge on the rear deck with
black masking tape, which might possibly damage the finish on them, but maybe
I could use an "archival" version. I want to avoid taking them off totally,
but maybe I may have to resort  to the "Euro" look - like my Coupe!

- Called up Tire Rack today to inquire about steel rims - they offer 15 by 7
inch rims, and recommend a 215/60/15 on those rims. I asked for GT+4's (which
I swear by...) for that size, but they only have the R-rated tire.   :-(
They recommended the Dunlop D60A2, as that brand was my second choice. Guess
what?, they quoted Consumer Reports on this tire, stating that the tire came
out on top in one of those tests...I know we had a discussion here regarding
the different Dunlops, so in order to save bandwidth, you can also reply

-Considering the EuroLock locking wheelbolt devices advertised in European
Car. Any comments on those?

-I'm DEFINITELY purchasing LoJack, although expensive (at $ 565), I
personally know of a co-worker who retrieved his car in about 26 hours (an
Acura Vigor, *prime* target in Newark) after it went on a 100mph chase with
one of the local constabulary. Any comments on LoJack? The dealer said that
the installer would not drill any sheet metal that was not "invasive?" Also,
I know anything's defeatable, as a two-way radio user...

-Would like to install a radio paging device (passive alarm) that would go
off when entered... but the dealer advised against anything other than the
stock alarm system. I used to have an AutoPage unit that I never installed,
maybe it's lying in a box somewhere...


Dorab (Nivi@aol.com)
1993 S4, 41Kmi (Black/black/carbon fiber - AWESOME - fell in love with it at
first sight!)
1990 Coupe Quattro, 66Kmi (Black/black/zebra)
1986 Chevy Caprice, 300K+mi (Metallic dk. blue/Blue vinyl (great for spilt