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Re[2]: '91 200 TQW

     A 91 TQW I drove a few months ago had a dash placard, with an
     Audi part number, warning the driver to never exceed 130MPH.

     The salesman, who has been selling Audis since the '70s, said
     the warning was there because of the OE tires.

     Tom F.

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Subject: Re: '91 200 TQW
Date:    12/3/95 8:49 PM

In a message dated 95-12-02 15:55:11 EST, you write:

>there is definitely no speed limiter in the 91 200Q.  all those cars
>during that time came with Z rated firestones.  i have factory manuals for
>these cars and there is absolutely no mention of it.

The one page supplement to my owner's manual says the car may have been
equipped with Goodyear Eagle GA or Invcta GAL tires, designation 215/60 R 15
93V.  (I wasn't original owner, so I can't confirm the car as delivered).

Further, the WARNING section talks about never exceeding 130 mph since the
tires are rated for less than that.  Anyone see what's wrong with this page!?
:)  I guess it's kinda like the Bentley factory manual electrical diagrams and
documenting what they sold!