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Re[2]: GE Bumper to Bumper warranties

     These can really pay off well. I got back four times my investment on
     a Honda I bought several years ago. I have a friend who got one with
     his Ehcsrop 911 CS he bought from PNA; orginally it was the press
     demonstrator and he thought -just maybe-, it had been abused!

     Anyway, within 10K, kablooie...and this was on a racetrack during
     a sponsored PCA event. Had it towed to his favorite mechanic, who did
     the complete rebuild, and  he paid a $250 deductable on a $15,000

     But my real message is that the dealers asking price for these things
     is about a 100% markup over cost. Negotiate, and look in the yellow
     pages. Around here a local consumers group has gotten committments
     from specific dealers to sell them for less than $100 over cost. Call
     around. You do not have to buy it from the dealer you buy the car
     from. You may have to pay for an hour of mechanics time for a second
     dealer to check it out before they can sell you the policy, but at
     least you can inject some sales competition into the matter...

     Good luck,

     Tom F.

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Subject: Re: GE Bumper to Bumper warranties
Date:    2/7/96 6:06 PM

Hairy green toads from Mars made Nivi@aol.com say:
> As I'm still awaiting the delivery date on the S4, I wanted to find out if
> anyone has had experience with GE's Bumper to Bumper Platinum protection.
> The policy I'm considering is a 75,000mi/3yr. warranty on the S4 which has 3
> months and 9,000mi of factory warranty left...
> The dealer wants $ 1,734.00 for it - does anyone have any advice? The policy
> does NOT cover brakes, refrigerants, normal maintenance items (belts, plugs,
> brakes, clutch), glass, lighting equip, batteries...