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RE: Canada Re: Whoa! (The Cold War Continues.)

-- Patrick James typed this from his frozen key board:
>I digress , there are an estimated 20 million people with block heaters in 
>Canada. A block heater is a necessity here not a choice. I have been 
>20 minutes idling in a car at  -35c that was plugged in just to get to move.
>I can get it in gear but it takes over half throttle just to get it to
>reverse out of the parking spot. The engine starts well but everything else
>is frozen solid. 
>Block heaters on a timer are good fix to a cold problem. IF the oil changes
>are done on the 5000Kilometer mark with 5w30 the rust and water problems are
>minimized. Keep in mind the humidity levels at this temperature are
>miniscule. Without block heaters what is the cold start wear factor of the
>bearings and cyl walls with cold engine.

I've been a voyeur on this list long enough.  It's time for me to jump 
into the cold war.  I live in Duluth MN, hence the address. For the last 
8 years I've had a 84 4ksq.  I love it, great for the weather and the 
hills in this area.  

Back to the cold war. . .  In this area, during the cold spell, we saw 
temperatures dive to -47F (-52.6 C) *WITHOUT* the wind chill. Tower MN set 
a state record at -60 F, that's 70 miles away. And you wondered why 
people lived here. 

My car sat outside *NOT* plugged in and started every morning during 
this cold spell.    

I agree that block heaters should only be used when needed, as Patrick 
stated.  But I disagree that they are a necessity.  I run Slick 50 for 
synthetic, 5-30 synthetic oil, triple electrode plugs, 1000 CCA battery, 
and 75 synthentic gear oil, with the slick 50 gear oil additive. I also, 
very carefully mix my anti-freeze for top protection.  I figure if I'm 
stupid enough to live here I may as well have a vehicle that starts.

Once the old mercury drops below zero it's cold.  After a certain point 
it just doesn't matter any more.  It comes down to the difference bus 
or a train, they both hurt.  Hey, today we might see 35F, A HEAT WAVE!

Go ahead flame me, I could use the warmth.

Bill Holecek
Home: bill@cp.duluth.mn.us
Work: bholecek@earth1.epa.gov
"All I ask for is a chance to 
 prove money can't make me happy!"