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Re[2]: price on 89 200TQ?


     Don't give up! If, though this whole process, you know what
     you are really willing to pay, and it is not going to break your
     heart to let it go....

     First, I'd consider calling them on the bait and switch. Call the
     Better Business Bureau and see if (1)they already have some
     complaints, and (2) if you have grounds for submitting a complaint.
     Then go back at tell them what you discovered, and see if they will
     give it to you for the original price and terms.

     If they don't move on that,tell them that, you'll give em $5500, or
     whatever, if they are not going to fix that stuff. Your real message
     is that you still want to negotiate, but as much as they are bumping
     you up, you are going down.

     They will  probably say no. OK, give them your name and number, tell
     them to call if they really want to move it.

     If you hear nothing, call them on February 29th, late in the morning,
     and ask if they still have it. Offer like $5200, to start negotiating
     again. Its really true about the last day of the month, and if they
     have not been able to move it, either they  will bite, or at least
     start serious negotiation....

     Anyway, these have all worked for me in the past. If they are not
     your style, the real message is that you have the time and the
     money, and they need to sell the car. Have fun!

     Tom F.

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Subject: Re: price on 89 200TQ?
Date:    2/14/96 10:52 AM

Well, it *WAS* to good to be true!

They just pulled the ol' bait-n-switch routine now that I tried to finalize
the documentation. "Oooopppsssss, that $6K price the 'sales manager'
'approved' was 'a mistake', it's $6750 and that's *without* fixing all the
stuff that's wrong........".
(D window, brake warning light, noisy fool pump, timing belt)

So, I'd be lookin' at a $1K bill driving it off the lot. The search goes on! :(

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