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Jean's Tranny & Non-Stick Doors

> From:          quattro-digest-owner@coimbra.ans.net
> We are having a miserable experience with Audi's automatic
> tranny.  We have a beautiful 1985 5000CS which is now awaiting
> its THIRD automatic tranny.  We are its second owners.  Bought
> it absolutely pristine looking, just needed as has every Audi
> we have purchased,
> Have any of you in the NE got a good tranny to sell?  Also what is the
> experience of the list with these trannys?  Should we just give up?

Jean - I've been the most vocal on this topic in the past few months. 
 Audi's tranny in the 5K/100/200 series from 84-91 is just a VW 
transmission which IS failure-prone.  The failure point is usually 
the reverse seal, which first shows up as hesitation when trying to 
engage reverse gear; the problem spreads to other gears and is worst 
when the tranny is warned up.

IF you find a good independent shop which really knows its way around 
Audi and VW transmissions - NOT THE DEALER, as they're too d**n 
expensive - they can rebuild this unit.  Parts ARE pricey, and they 
should not buy from the dealer, but from other sources (Like 
Blaufergnugen or AudiOnly) which give much better prices.  For that 
matter, if they really know their stuff, they'll buy from the VW 
dealer instead of the Audi dealer and get them cheaper - honest, it's 
the same tranny!  I got lucky and found a really good man in town who 
rebuillt my 1990 200 (65K miles) for about $1500.  

After the rebuild, I STRONGLY recommend that you run Amsoil or Red 
Line synthetic transmission fluid.  This will extend the tranny life. 
The fluid costs about 3x as much as conventional stuff but who 
cares when you're in almost 2 grand on a tranny rebuild???

Second topic - how to keep doors from sticking - 

> > Joe Yakubik wrote:
> > 
> > >talcum powder, or (neighbors recommendation, I find it messy)
> > >smear vaseline on the seals.
> >  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

> Petroleum based vaseline will eat rubber door seals.

Here's a thought for general maintenance which will help here - once 
every six months, go all around your car with a spray can of 
silicone.  Spray ALL door seals, trunk seals, basically any rubber 
seals.  Try not to overspray on paint...just in case.  This silicone 
treatment will greatly extend the life of the rubber seals.  I'd also bet 
that if you did it this time of year, it would keep the seals from 

I talked to a gent two weeks ago who says people bring him their 
leaky T-Tops....he removes them, sprays the whee outa the seals with 
lots of silicone, and sets them against the shop wall for one day.  
After the seals re-expand, he puts them back in and most of the time 
that's ALL they need.  He then charges $40 (for knowing WHAT to 
do).  There is a lesson to be learned here.....maybe more than one...

(Yeah, I know ..... seals = Ork, Okr, Ork!!)

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