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Re: Jean's Tranny & Non-Stick Doors

In a message dated 96-02-05 18:31:10 EST, you write:

>  The failure point is usually the reverse seal, which first shows up as
hesitation when trying to engage reverse gear; the problem spreads to other
gears and is worst 
when the tranny is warned up....as they're too d**n expensive - they can
rebuild this unit. <

I'm trying to remember what the indepedent shop told me when I fought with
mine - they said the bore itself wears out also - which makes rebuilds iffy,
and good rebuildable cores hard to find.  I bought my rebuild from an
independent shop in San Leadro, CA - $375.00. It worked perfectly for 15,000
miles until I sold the car.  Running strong 11/2 years later, when wrecked.
The replacement is a job that can be done by any competent mechanic - takes
me about 3 hours start to finish (but I've done it at least 10-12 times).
 The hard part is getting the long drive rod properly seated. I can detail
the job if anyone is interested.  If you're good, you can actually pop the
tranny right off the back and slip it right back on (not in the manual, and
not recommended - you may not seat the drive rod - but saves time when you're
pi--ed off!)