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Re: debate on the list

Our beloved listmeister weighs in on this fascinating discussion...

> It's not unacceptable, just try to keep content relevant.  

[snippage happens in the best of families, don't take it so hard...]

> There is no sole purpose to the list.  There are lots of different
> types of Audi owners.  Some are rolling in money and could care less
> what they cost to fix, and enjoy travelling to QCUSA events all 
> over the country.  Others (myself including) recognize that these
> are fantastic cars at a budget price, but very expensive to 
> maintain IF you don't know the secrets of repair and where to get
> parts.  Thought it's not your main concern, 

Certainly not Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart's main concern at least...

Now, for a little list relevance, I got 7 inches of snow in the driveway
this past weekend, but the Syncro had no problem with the 700 feet, up and down 
hills, to get from my garage to the street.  On the other hand, when we got the 
two back-to-back snows of the "Blizzard of '96" (tm), it was defeated by the 
first 20 inches.  The next 16 inches were also too much, and my fair Frau missed
two radiation treatments while we were snowed in.

Oh yes, several of you nice folks have asked how the Faire Dora is progressing 
in her battle against cancer.  Thanks, she is suffering (the treatment of chemo 
and radiation is, quite simply, brutal) but improving.  The treatment *is* 
working, and her spirits are very high.  She has enjoyed the cards you terrific 
folks have sent; and I am forever in your debt.  You are an incredible group, 
and Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart loves every one of you!

I'd truly rather give up my right arm, or even my car-toys (yep, including the 
"Other" one) if I could spare her what she's going through, but that's just not 
in the cards.

Take a moment now and just *appreciate* the fact that there *is* a Quattro list 
(thanks, Dan), and *enjoy* the bloody thing in all its diverse glory.  Afterall,
there's no escaping meaningless drivel in the rest of life, why would you want 
the Q-list to be any different...?  Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart enjoys, nay, 
*rejoices* in the diversity (but we all know what a wierd old dude he is...)


(yer Kindly ol' Unka) Bart

Frau Dora, 
(fond memory of a couple of little feline varmints in my heart)
'86 Indischrot Carrera Cabriolet, 
'87 Alpenweis Syncro.
FORMERLY Custodian, Porschephiles Phund