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God is here...online!!

>wisdom on over 35 years of racing, 11 championships in several different
>classes, racing midgets, spsorts carts and small hydroplanes.  I was the
>chief instructor for Washington DC Regiona SCCA on two different occasions
>for a total of 7 years.  I taught SCCA schools for over 18 years.  Our
>schools had about 150 students each year I have owned or driven in over 
>30 different cars in SCCA and IMSA and retired six years ago to get my 
>son thru college.  Last year my son went thru his race school in a ITA 
>Mazda RX-3 and was within 1/2 second of the lap record for that class in
>his second school, so its either in the genes or he was well taught.

Might I add...Modest?

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