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Re: Bought a 88 5KCSTQ.......

> Anyways my beloved 86 VW Jetta GLI 8V is now for sale ..... do any of you
> know where I could post an ad on the NET for this car ? I have done some Web
> browsing and e-mailed some Web Page owners like Mr. Dan equivalents - except
> from the VW side of the fence.

Actually, I still own a 86 GLI 8v (160k+) and right now it is our
only mode of transportation.  I've actually been running the GLI
mailing list since 1991 or thereabouts, though it is very low
volume (like almost dead).   Most everyone on the list who
had one has sold it and moved on, but there are still a few diehards
like myself who can't bear to part with it.

Mail your ad to gli@coimbra.ans.net in case anyone on the list is

Other good places to post are rec.autos.marketplace and rec.autos.
makers.vw.watercooled on Usenet.

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