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Re: A/C problem/questions

On Mon, 12 Feb 1996, Dave Lawson wrote:

> Yesterday I noticed that the small aluminum tube, a capillary
> tube of some sort was broken, at the point that it enters into
> the radiator type device under the dash, the condensor?

Almost, this is the evaporator.  YOu had a 50/50 chance - you lost.  
DOn't go to Vegas. :-)
> Anyways this tube goes back to the  vent sliders which are
> located in the center console and goes into some small
> switch type of device. One other event of note, a few months
> ago when I was out working under here, I did move this line
> and heard a short hissing sound and then smelled oil/??.

Uh oh...

> The odor was strong enough to get out of the car. This must
> be when I broke this tube.
> So the questions are:
> What have I broken?

This is the capillary tube that turns the A/C system on and off to make 
sure that the evaporator core does not get too cold (resulting in core 
freeze, where water in the air freezes on the core enough to plug it up.)

> What does it do?

See above.  Some others here may be able to elaborate more on its 
function.  It's basically a thermostat.

> Is it embedded into the radiator thing or just slides in?

A bulb at teh end of the tube just slides in to the core between a couple 

> What leaked out?

It may be that the capillary tube actually is plumbed into the freon 
system, and what you smelled was actually the freon in the A/C system.  
If not, then the fluid in the capillary tube was what you smelled.

> What is the correct name for the radiator thing under the dash?

Evaporator.  Freon evaporates here, absorbing heat from the air passing 
through it.  The thingy at the front of the car is the condensor.  Freon 
is compressed, heating it up, and that heat is taken out at the condensor.

> Anyone ever replace one of the tube things? 
> I was planning on leaving the A/C intact and functional, but if
> I have really screwed up in some high $$$ way, I might save
> some weight.

You mighht find one at a wrecking yard and put it back in.  If it is 
plumbed into the A/C system, then you would need a new evaporator, or a 
good welder who can weld it back up.  (Very thin aluminum, not too 
likely:-(  It also has to stand up to approx 300 psi)

HTH, I hope I haven't screwed up too many details.

Graydon D. Stuckey								
Flint, Michigan   USA
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