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Re: AL Rotors

STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:

> Looks like you may have to spend more time in school......  When I went
> to school I went in with a open mind to all new concepts. Especially
> those from people that had practial experience.
Oh, so when you get out you can stop being open minded?  I think that 
yes there must be some measurable difference due to the weight of the 
rotor.  However this will have a significantly greater effect on the 
1200lb race car than on a 3000lb street car.  So, when you really think 
about it, its not that important because most of us don't have our 
street cars set to full stiff on our suspensions, slicks,.... you get 
the picture.

BTW, if you would explain you data, instead of just a BTDT or other 
brief comment this might be a less heated discussion.

Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro