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Re: [QTC] VIN and deferred maintenance

... well I checked the parts fiche last night and found that VIN 
85-D-900426 was produced during the month of August 1982, the first
month of production for the model year.  I copied all of the info 
down and if anybody is interested and when I get some time I can post 
the monthly details to the list, but here's a quick synopsis ...

Model year production begins 1 August and ends 31 July ... it also
appears that they pad the last production number on the last month, 
so I have included the VIN from the end of June as well (except '88, 
when it appears that they bumped the VIN 200/month from April on).

MY 1982 - VINs 85-C-900717 => 85-C-902000 (85-C-901290 6/30/82)
MY 1983 - VINs 85-D-900001 => 85-D-902500 (85-D-902024 6/30/83)
MY 1984 - VINs 85-E-900001 => 85-E-901500 (85-E-901195 6/30/84)
MY 1985 - VINs 85-F-900001 => 85-F-901500 (85-F-901314 6/30/85)
MY 1986 - VINs 85-G-900001 => 85-G-902400 (85-G-901062 6/30/86)
MY 1987 - VINs 85-H-900001 => 85-H-902400 (85-H-900717 6/30/87)
MY 1988 - VINs 85-J-900001 => 85-J-902400 (85-J-900432 3/31/88)

BTW - My car says March 1982 on the tag on the door, but it would
fall into the August 1982 category as well ... perhaps it has some-
thing to do with the regulatory requirements (the sticker says that 
it complies with regulations as of the date of the tag).  

... WRT deferred maintenance - everyone makes their own decisions 
about paying someone vs. doing it yourself, and I must admit that
I too am starting to lean more toward paying someone else, but in
the future you might want to post your symptoms to the list ... I'll
bet we could have saved you a few $$$ ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)